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Water slide decals is a tranfer printed onto a special paper that will allow your design to slide off the paper when submersed in water. Waterslide decals are considered an indirect decorating process because the enamels/inks are printed flat onto the transfer paper before the application onto the product.  Clearly, the shape of the object for decoration dictates the size and placement.  One advantage to using decals is that a decal's cover-coat is flexible and can be stretched so that the design will fit the shape of the product. 
1. ceramic decals
2. glass decals
3. enamelware decals
4. wall tile decals
5. stainless steel decals
6. sports equipment decals
7. toy decals
8. model airplane, train, automobile decals
9. helmet decals
10. motorcycle & bicycle decals
11. wood
Place decal in a shallow pan (such as a developing tray) of warm water and soak for about 30-60 seconds, or until the color layer can be released from the backing paper. The ceramic decal / glass decal can now be applied to the ware in various ways. The most popular method are described below.

Apply decal over the object face-up, and slip out the backing paper from underneath. Adjust the position of the decal on the ware and remove water using a rubber squeegee or damp sponge. This is accomplished by patting down from the center toward the outer edges until all excess water has been removed and wrinkles and air bubbles have been smoothed out.

When all of the decals from the top sheet have been removed from the backing paper, discard the backing paper and begin using decals from the next sheet.

After that, let it dry at room temperature(more than 2 hours), and firing it as following:
Plastic: 80℃-120℃: 30 minutes,
Metal and glass: 80℃-200℃: 30 minutes.

Avoid soaking the decal too long, otherwise it may release itself from the backing paper and float in the water, making it difficult to handle. Excessive wetting may also cause the adhesive backing of the decal colors to dissolve.
Why not creat your new business on water slide decals, or you can promote your company and apply your company logo on the bottom or back of the decorated products. Bdesides providing water slide process ink and paper, we can also customize according to your request, please e-mail your artwork for revisions or quotation at:  info@hermesprint.com